TM series 1/4

TM-130 Set from 1946

¼ Sets

In 1945 the 9/32 inch drive set was replaced in its entirety with the ¼ inch.  Snap on reintroduced basically all the 9/32 inch pieces in ¼ inch.  This resulted in 4 sets (actually 3 complete sets and a new box to put a complete 4th set together).  These were

The TM-130 Midget Utility Set. This was 11 sockets, 4 hands and 2 extensions along with pliers, wrenches, drifts sets and 2 feeler gages.  It is interesting how they describe the utility as being for “garage or service stations, airline departments where small machines or instruments must in assembled or serviced, Others who have found this set the answer to their tool problems are Movie Cameramen and projector operators… typewriter, Dictaphone and other office machine service men…sewing machine, radio and other electrical repair shops.. Gas, water and electric departments, etc, in fact, everyone….,”

TM-130 New Case

TM-130B Hold all

TM-130 set in a new case, The TM-130B Hold all. This was the same tool set, but the case with a unique sliding draw had a long production run – through the 1960s.  The top shelf slide back, over the lid, when open. The replacement boxes all had removable top shelf, or slide forward as a draw.









TM-120 Midget Set

1946 Catalog drawing of the TM-120

The TM-120 Midget Set which is the same set minus the non-socket parts. It came without the T handle (a piece that was dropped with the end of the 9/32). The boxes, outwardly identical to the 9/32 box, internally all have different dividers.





TM-110 Catalog Drawing

The TM-110 which shows a T handle, constructed out of a sliding T and an extension. This came with 10 tools: 8 sockets, the extension and the Sliding T.