Early Screw Drivers

Spark Testing Screw Drivers

Spark Testing Screw Drivers

Pyralin handles, has an internal tube that flashes when spark plugs are powered


No 145             6 inch                                                  1936 – 1955
No 1011          2 inch Blade Magnetic                       1948 – 1960
No 1015          3 inch                                                  1936 – 1960


Screw Driver Spark Testing Screw Drivers 1936

Radiator Shell Screw Driver

Radiator Shell Screw Driver

An extremely long slender bladed screw driver for radiator shell work, electrical work where a long reach is required


ST-1535          15 inch long    1936- 1937

Screw Driver Radiator Shell 1936

Miscellaneous Stubby screw drivers

Miscellaneous screw drivers

Starting is 1936 there are listed a number of miscellaneous screw drivers.  These are largely popular sizes from obsolete sets and covered elsewhere, with the exception of these.
No 153                     Wooden Stubby          1936 – 1937
No 154                   “Pyralin”  Stubby        1936 – 1937

Screw Driver misc 152 and 154 stubbies 1936

Flashlight Screw Driver

Flashlight Screw Driver
For dark, inaccessible corners, Good for radio, carburetor, refrigeration etc. Uses a No 915 Ever-Ready battery. Pyralin handle



Screw Driver Flashlight 1937

Robertson Tip Screw Drivers

Robertson Tip Screw Drivers
This is the Robertson (Square head) socket Screws
R141               1965
R102P             1965
R103P             1965


Screw Drivers Robertson Tip 1965