5/8 inch socket set (1931 top)

The 5/8 inch drive was first offered in 1923 and continued in some form into the 1970s.

The 5/8 drive started as the “Heavy Duty” set. Designed for heavy work on Trucks and Tractors  

To the right is a 1931 No 202 set. It used high carbon or alloy steel, heat-treated and cadmium plated (not chrome). Note the round shafts on the extensions vs square shafts below. There is no Brass tag on this set.

The two most common versions are the No 201 and No 202.

The No 202 set contains single broached sockets (shown here – the most common) and the No 201 set contains double broached sockets. The sets shown here both have an optional 5/8-plug ratchet.


5/8" drive Socket Set box open and closed

5/8 inch socket set (1928 bottom)

5/8 inch drive

Here is a brass tag 1928 set. The extensions are square – these switched to round shaft extensions in 1929 (see the example above)

The Brass Tag period is 1927-1932, but these sets seem to stop using the brass tags around 1929/30. This is about the same time Snap-on moved to Kenosha.

The catalogs show this 8-year run, but the tools had a much longer life as a discounted tool for industrial users. A “P” series 5/8-inch drive with the same design sold through 1970.

The “P series” are extended life production runs for sales into industrial users. Typically not listed in the automotive catalogs, they exist and provide an interesting window into “obsolete” tool types that live on in a stealthy way – under the radar, but still out there.

Here is a 1928 set the extensions have square shafts, the finish is Nickle. Both sets have the optional ratchet.

Socket Set no-202-set-cat-photo-400