This is a booklet that covers a list of cars. Here is the list of the odd balls: Anderson, Auburn, Barley, Case Motor car, Courier, Crawford, Crawford-Gagmar, Davis, Elcar 4-40, Elcar 6-60, Elgin, Flint, Grant, Haladay, Hanson, Noma, Paterson, Primo, Roamer, Sayers Six, Seneca, Washington & Westcott. 

Here is the larger list :Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Columbia, Continental Motor, Dodge, Dort, Durant, Essez, Falls Motor, Farmer’s Junior Set, Farmer’s Senior Set, Ford, Fordson Tractor, Franklin, Gardner, Gray, Haynes, Hudson, Hupmobile, Jewett, Jordan, Kissel, Lexington, Lincoln, Lycoming Motor, Marmon, Nash, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Overland, Packard, Paige 66, Peerless, Piece Arrow, REO, Rickenbacker, Star Car, Stearns No 6, Stephens, ­­­­­Studebaker, Stutz 6 cyl

There are a number of typos. This is very early for Snap On.  I do not know the history on this, but I think it was a marketing experiment that failed. This seems to be an attempt to list all the car companies they knew about in 1923. This likely has a lot to do with a Automotive market that was highly volatile. It was going through a consolidation. Picking winners and losers was obviously a problem.  During this period the Model T was half the market. Either “marry” Ford or deal with the mess

1920 Anderson Car

Anderson Motor Car

John Gary Anderson was a carriage maker from, South Carolina. He made cars from

1916 to 1926. 6300 cars were built.

1923 Auburn Model 6-51 Sedan Car

Auburn Automobile Company

The Auburn Automobile Company has a complicated and troubled history. It started as the Eckhart Carriage Company from Auburn, Indiana. The early Eckharts built several proto types and built cars until WWI when they closed. In 1919 sold the company to Ralph Austin Bard and some investers. In 1924 Errett Lobban Cord came on board and under Cord some of the best Auburns were developed. Cord sold off the excess inventory and bought it out by 1925. The depression was killing the company so they started making kitchen cabinets to survive. Cord has legal problems that forced him to give up the company (Cord, Auburn and Duesenberg brands). In 1937, automotive production of all three marques ended, but this was not the end. Auburn Central Manufacturing / (ACM) Corporation bid and received a WW2 contract to build 1/4‑ton Jeep bodies and Willys MA jeep bodies, then Ford Jeep and trailer Bodies.


1923 Barley Roamer

Barley Motor Cars

Barley Motor Car Co. was from Kalamazoo, Michigan and Streator, Illinois. Their most famous car was the Roamer (1916–29) and the Barley (1922–24). The Roamer was named after a race horse. 12,000 Roamers were made. Barley Motor Cars was a depression fatality


1922 Case Automobile

1922 Case Model W

I could not find a 1923 Case.  Here is a 1922 Case. This is the same Case that makes bull dozers, farm tractors and heavy equipment today. They ran from 1911 to 1926.  There may be 5000 made, of which a hand full survive today


Chambers Motors

Chambers Motors made cars from 1904 to 1929 out of Belfast, Ireland. They made Motor Cars, Utility Vehicles, Munitions, Bottling Machines. They made cars, commercial vehicles, delivery vans, ambulances, and hearses. They built about 500 automobiles. Their main production was a bottle-wiring machine to wire corks. Today 4 Chambers cars still exist

1927 Chandler Six

Chandler Motor

Chandler Motor Car made cars from 1913 and ended in 1928 in Cleveland, Ohio.  They made over 20,000 cars, but likely the total was closer to 40,000


The Courier Car Co.

The Courier Car Co. was the economy version of a Stoddard-Dayton Car made in Dayton, Ohio. There was four-passenger touring and a 2 seater sportster. Production stopped in 1913


Crawford Automobile

Crawford Automobile was in Hagerstown, Maryland from 1905–1923, in 1923 the company was purchased and the Crawford-Dagmar came out, the Crawford-Gagmar seems to be a spelling mistake


1914 davis_torpedo_phaeton_35j_14

Davis Motorcar Company

The George W. Davis Motor Car Co. of Richmond, Indiana was a company that started as a house carriage company, bought most of the parts and assembled. Started in 1902 1929.

1920 Elgin Six Sport Touring


Elcar 4-40 & Elcar 6-60  There is not much out there about this company,  It was alive in 1908, It must have been small

1925 Flint B40 Touring

Flint Automobile

Flint Automobile, 1923–1927. Made Flint B-40 Touring 1925, Flint B-40 Touring 1925

The Flint was considered an assembled car because Durant Motors used components manufactured by outside suppliers to build its automobile lines. The cars were powered by a 6-cylinder Continental engine, and its body stampings were made by Budd in Philadelphia. It was based off a Willys car company design


1918 Grant Model G

Grant Automobile

Grant Automobile Made Cars from 1913 to 1922 in Findlay, Ohio. They made several thousand four and six cylinder automobiles.

Gray Motor Car Company

Gray Motor Car Company made cars from 1922 to 1926 in Detroit, Michigan. They were a Model T competitor in the low priced market from former Ford employees. They never got the volume required to make money. After 4 years they gave up.

1923 Hanson

Halladay Automobile

Halladay Automobile started on 1905 in Streator, Illinois, and moved to Ohio in 1917

It was birthed out of the Erie Motor Carriage & Manufacturing Company in Anderson, Indiana, and folded into the Barley Motor Company . They made cars from 1904 to 1911 and built about 4200 cars total


1921 Noma Six

Noma Car Company

Noma Car Company 1919-1923 NY, NY  Noma was a subsidiary of the Walton Body Company. During WW1 they made airplane wings . The cars had a wooden frame and aluminum skin. The running gear was purchased. 600 Nomas were build.  

1917 Paterson 6-45 Touring Car ad

Paterson Automobile

Paterson Automobile – active 1909-1923 Flint, Michigan. These were motor buggies with a 2-cylinder air-cooled engine.

1923 Primo

Primo (1910–1912)

Primo (1910–1912) Atlanta GA – Nearly nothing written for this

Roamer is Barley – see above

1922 Sayers Six

Sayers Six

Sayers Six

I think this is S&S Coaches. They are in business today and make funeral coaches. They made cars from 1906 to some time in the 1920s


1923 Seneca

Seneca Motor Car Co.

Seneca Motor Car Co. was a rebirth of the Bankrupt Fostoria Light Car Co. I think it was active from 1916 to 1923?


1923 Velie motor car

Velie Motors Corporation

Velie Motors Corporation made cars from 1908-28 In Moline, Illinois.  John Deere’s Grandson is  Willard Velie. The company was named for him

, a maternal grandson of John Deere. There is a Velie Register and it seems there are about 230 Velies remaining. Aircraft and aircraft engines: Velie made a plane in Iowa called Mono Aircraft Inc.  The aircraft company outlasted Velie for a while.

1922 Washington Motor Car

Washington Motor Company

Washington Motor Company from Eaton and Middletown, Ohio Made cars from 1921 to 1924.

Total Washington production is estimated at between 25 and 60 gasoline powered cars and the three steamers

1923 Wills Sainte Claire Car

1923 Wills Sainte Claire Car

Wills Sainte Claire Car Company made cars from 1921 to 1927 in Marysville, Michigan. Childe Harold Wills started the company, he was a metallurgist that worked with Ford introduced vanadium steel at ford. With his severance he started “Wills Saint Clair” Wills – his name and Saint Clair – the place name. The company never made money and the factory was purchased by Chrysler.