Battery And Brake

Angle Nose Battery Pliers Number 208

Angle Nose Battery Pliers Number 208

These were designed for battery terminals, it has a thin jaw. These appeared as the number 208 in 1953 with vacuum grip handles and ran to 1960. In the Number 208A appeared with smooth handles through 1965. This changed again as the 208B in 1966 and through 1970 – It is unclear what the 208A and B differences were

Special Battery Pliers Number 7 and 7A

Special Battery Pliers Number 7

This is for installing batteries. It is designed to grip the nut on the positive and negative polls on early 6 volt batteries. Introduced in 1929 and run until 1941, It was reworked in 1933 and ran until 1946 to change the angle for cleanance of obstructions. Re Introduced again as the Number 7B in 1936 through 1946

Special Battery Pliers Number 308

In 1935 the angle was changed to 35 degrees and the jaws were thinned down. The angle was changes to 30 degrees in 1941 and discontinued is 1951