Tool Set Examples-The 707 Set

In the 1920s, Snap on was experimenting with different marketing and sales ideas, One idea was to sell custom configured boxes of tools for specific cars. There was a catalog describing these in the catalog section.  These are rare, few were sold and fewer survived. This box looks to be an overstock item that was never used, or used very little.

Bob Pier of Sandusky Ohio owned this. It came to Bob from his father. Dad got into the tire, battery construction, and auto accessory business probably around 1920 and ended up as a Sohio Dealer in Jackson, Ohio.

The picture is mostly self explanatory and no doubt pretty run-of-the mill, but the tools have always intrigued Bob. As you can see, there are 13 hex sockets running from 3/8 to 1inches, and 9 square sockets running from 7/16 to 1 inch.  Everything in the metal case is a Snap-on product.
You will notice that there are two diagonal separators in the two front corners which hold the universal and the ratchet and if you look carefully you can see the remnants of a paper label underneath the tools.

There is no evidence that there was ever a handle attached to the case. The catalog is not exact about these, and the frame is not a Model Ford, but exactly what it is, is not clear,

1/2" Socket Socket 707-set-redux

Tool Set Examples-1925 Set number 1

This box is from Illinois and was found by Richie Boswell. Richie is a machinist and came across an old green metal case along with some gerstner tool boxes and antique starrett tools. Richie was so busy inspecting all the other items that the green metal box was kind of forgotten. He eventually opened the box and was surprised to see a bunch of old sockets with the name snap-on etched or stamped on them.

This is a set number 1 from 1925. There are no date stamps on any of the tools. The set was missing a couple of handles, but was basically complete.

Tool Set Examples-B-12

The B-12 changed over the years – this is a 1926 set – complete with some extra sockets, The original stickers are there.

1/2" Socket Socket 1925-No-1-Set-400cat-act

Tool Set Example No 66 Farrett Set 1929

The No. 66 Farret set Photo courtesy of Ken and Roseanna  Johnson. Beautiful example of a nearly complete set in excellent shape

1/2" Socket Socket Set snapmom

Tool Set Example No 80/81 Farrett Set 1932

The No. 80/81 Ferret set with additions- complete with some extra sockets, The original stickers are gone. Also missing a long sliding T

3/8" Socket No-80-Farret-set-1932-web