Tool Box Examples

Snap on Tool Box – roll away from 1950s

This is an old style classic box that is at least 50 years old. I date it at 1949-1950. It comes from a time before roller bearing drawers – these are sliders in a channel on each side. Constructed of heavy gage steel.  There are some dents, and small imperfections. I see some metal pitting, but no rust at all. Obviously stripped to bear metal and repainted many years ago. The paint is 100% but it is dull with age with great patina.  Given its age, it is in excellent shape and is very clean. Beautiful old box with tons of character and charm. It is exactly what you want next to your classic car.

K-77 Coaster-cab  This model started in 1941 and ended in the late 1940 early 1950s.

KRA-56 available from the early 1950s.  Six draw tool chest.

Storage tool Box low rez


K-60 1939 – 1950 this was the biggest and the best at the time. It is a special box, the corners are rounded, the top cascades down. Very much in a pre WWII style

and K-200 1939 – 1946. Very hard to find. The handles and tags changed over time. The earliest examples have outboard feet

Storage Tool Box roseanns box low rez

The base is a K-6 (or a K-6A) and a top box is a K-5. The original stickers are still there – great find

Tool Box Super Set

Small Tool Box Example

KRA-149 1965 – 1975. Cute small electronics box with interesting locking setup

1/4" Drive Socket Set Case KRA-149