Hammer Heads

Wrench hammer head Series F

The Black rubber on these examples is gone

Hammer Head

The Handiest little wrench made for numerous tight places around motors – starters, carburetors, generators, distributors, manifolds, filters, strainers, air cleaners, timing gear covers, tec. Also brake and battery work. Handle is insulated for protection of tool in case of contact with live wire or switch. These examples have long ago lost that black rubber cover

Stock Number


Date Range


11/16 – 3/4

1928 – 1931


9/16 – 5/8

1927 – 1937


7/16 – ½

1927 – 1931

Hammer Head Series Continued

Wrench hammerhead Ken Johnson

Photo courtesy of Ken and Roseanna  Johnson

Hammer Head

three types of 1/2 to 7/16 hammer head wrenches.